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2023 NBA playoffs were league's most-watched postseason in 5 years


The 2023 NBA Playoffs across ABC, ESPNand TNT averaged 5.47 million viewers, making it the most-watchedplayoffs in five years.

NBA games accounted for nine of thetop 10 most-watched programs across all of television since thebeginning of May, and 15 of the top 20 most-watched programs amongpeople under 50 since the start of April.

The 2023 NBA Finals, which saw theDenver Nuggets defeat the Miami Heat in a five-game series on ABC,averaged 11.64 million viewers, more than tripling its competitionand winning the night across all of television for all fivebroadcasts.

The championship-clinching Game 5averaged 13.08 million viewers, up 1% vs. last year’s Game 5, andpeaked at 17.88 million viewers at 11 p.m. ET.

Across all NBA social-media platforms,the 2023 NBA Playoffs garnered eight billion views, making it themost-viewed playoffs ever.

The NBA's account on Twitter was themost-viewed brand on the platform during the 2023 NBAFinals.

Driven by users outside of the U.S.,the NBA App also had a historic postseason, with unique viewers onNBA League Pass up 32% vs. last year.

2023 NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic’spopularity on social media skyrocketed throughout the DenverNuggets’ title run with more than 540 million views, catapultinghim from the No. 18 most-viewed player on social last season to No.1 since May 1.

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