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Facundo Campazzo unsure on his future with Zvezda: "It adds pressure' / News - Basketnews.com


Campazzo told after the game that he doesn't want to think about the contract at the moment, a note that he reiterated in a separate interview later.

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Ever since Facundo Campazzo joined Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade, his addition to the roster garnered huge media attention both in Serbia and in Europe overall. Although he's signed a deal until the end of the 2023-24 season, the guard's future in Belgrade is not entirely certain.

Points this season

Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade46%77,2EuroLeaguePoints made:77,2Accuracy:46,0%Place in standings:14Record max:94Record min:56Best scorer:Nemanja NedovicTeamEuroLeagueStatisticsSchedule

Even though he is set to earn a high salary this season, his buyout amount this upcoming summer is reportedly not particularly substantial. With this in mind, a question looms over Campazzo's future with Crvena Zvezda.

Asked about it after the final EuroLeague regular season game against Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul, he said that it's best for him to focus on what's directly in front of him instead of looking into the future.

"We haven't talked about it yet, I think it's not the moment to talk about it," the player said. "I want to live in the present, play as many games as I can, and enjoy. I usually don't think about the future, I just try to live in the present and help the team in every game."

In his interview with Georgios Zakkas from SDNA, Campazzo confirmed the idea, saying that it's not beneficial for him to think about the contract situation.

"I don't think about my future right now. It takes a lot of energy, it adds pressure. I want to put my energy into improving myself as a player," he told. "I want to help my team win whatever is in front of them - the ABA League, the Serbian league, everything that lies ahead. Nothing else. I want to put my energy there without thinking about the future. I will have time to think about the future sooner or later."

The Argentinian duo of Campazzo and Luca Vildoza brought a lot of enthusiasm among Crvena Zvezda fans. Even though it took some time for both players to get into the rhythm, their class was on display against Fenerbahce.

Facu finished the game with 24 points and 19 PIR while Vildoza contributed with 17 points and 21 PIR.

"I enjoy playing with him, I love the connection we have. I also enjoyed it when we played in the national team. I think we have a great connection," Campazzo told Zakkas. "We needed time because we had never played so long together on the court. It took time to get used to it but I enjoy playing with Luca. He makes all his teammates better and I love playing alongside him."

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